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Why Beard Oil Is Your Best Friend When Growing Out a Beard

Beard oil makes the hair on your face softer, tamer and sexier. It also moisturizes your facial skin beneath, which helps reduce itching and flakiness. It’s not a miracle cure, but it can be your best friend when growing out a beard.

Most beard oils are made from a mix of essential and carrier oils that are often mixed with various scent blends to create a product that suits you and your personality. Carrier oils are derived from plants, seeds, kernels or nuts and are the perfect diluting agent to allow your body to absorb the more potent essential oils. A few examples of carrier oils are jojoba, coconut, olive and sweet almond.

Using beard oil can help reduce itching and irritation during the early stages of beard growth or after shaving. It can also help soften the beard and promote faster growth. It can even make the hair look fuller and tamer, which is a big plus when it comes to impressing that special someone.

A beard can look messy and wild without some form of grooming, which is where a beard oil steps in. It can help you maintain a neat, trim and stylish beard while promoting healthy skin and reducing frizz. It can even help you grow a longer beard by ensuring that the hairs are well-moisturized.

Like head hair, facial hair grows from follicles located on your face, which are triggered to produce during puberty by the increased levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. Some follicles produce more beard hair than others, which is determined by genetics. Whether you want to grow a beard or not, beard oil can help you manage the ones that you have by keeping them hydrated, healthy and soft.

The best beard oils are made with all natural ingredients that work as grooming aids to keep your facial hair and skin healthy. You may notice a difference in the appearance and texture of your beard after just a few weeks of use.

Be aware that shady beard oil companies will use cheap, low quality ingredients to reduce the price of the beard oil and aggressively market it. It is best to purchase from a company that focuses on high quality and purity. Some of the most important qualities of a Beard oil amazon to look for are the concentration and quality of the oils that go into it, as well as its preservative system. Clary oil, for example, is an excellent anti-bacterial and can help balance your skin’s oil production while eucalyptus oil helps reduce inflammation.

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