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Truck Shipping Basics

Truck shipping is the process of transporting goods from one place to another by truck. Previously, the term freight transport only referred to shipping via sea, but the word has since been broaderened to include air, rail, and land freight. Today, truck shipping is the most common means of freight transportation, accounting for nearly half of all commercial freight movement.

Less than truckload shipping

Less than truckload shipping, or LTL, involves moving a small quantity of freight. Typically, it involves pallets that move from one location to another in a hub-and-spoke system. This method increases the efficiency of the supply chain by allowing for multiple loading and unloading sessions. For example, if a shipment is shipping from Boston to San Francisco, it will be picked up by a local terminal at the specified pickup time and dropped off at a centralized warehouse. This warehouse is referred to as the hub.

Full truckload shipping

Full truckload shipping is a method of moving large, homogenous volumes of cargo by truck. It involves hiring a trucking company to transport a full trailer load of cargo for a single customer.

Intermodal rail freight shipping

Intermodal rail freight shipping for truck shipping is a cost-effective option for shipping your goods across the country. The process involves moving shipments between different modes of transportation using containers that meet international standards. These containers come in various sizes and can be used for both domestic and international shipments. These truck transport containers minimize damage to your cargo, and they help keep your freight shipping costs low.

Air freight shipping

Air freight shipping is a great option when shipping large, heavy items. It offers many advantages, including greater global coverage and fewer handling risks. Additionally, compared to truck shipping, it has lower transit time, which means fewer chances of a shipment being damaged or lost.

Flatbed transport trucks

Flatbed transport trucks are a good choice for long-distance truck shipping. These types of trucks are equipped with extra equipment to secure your loads. These include tarps, chains, and corner protectors. It is crucial to secure your load properly as shipping heavy hauls is not a simple task. For this reason, it is recommended to consult a 3PL provider for advice.


Unlike shipping a car, truck shipping requires different tools and equipment. These vary according to the size, weight, and dimensions of the truck. Also, truck shipments require more fuel and take longer. These factors can make a significant difference in the cost of truck shipping. If you need a truck shipped from one location to another, it is wise to get an estimate first.

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