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How to Find Good Tax Attorneys

Whether you’re in the midst of a tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or planning for a future business purchase, it’s important to comply with federal and state laws and regulations. Having a tax attorney on your side can help you avoid penalties and make informed financial decisions. They can also provide guidance when you face tax controversies, such as a lien or levies on bank accounts and property.

The first step to finding a good tax attorney is to ask for recommendations from professionals you trust, such as a banker or an accountant. You can also look online for reviews and ratings. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, consider their experience and how much they charge for consultations and case resolution. Some firms have flat rates for cases, while others may charge hourly. Some also separate fees for investigation and resolution, so be sure to ask about these charges before you decide on a lawyer.

It’s also important to find out what licenses your potential Los Angeles Tax Attorneys has. Some attorneys are licensed to practice before state courts, while others can only represent clients in federal court. This is because tax disputes can be complex and involve multiple jurisdictions.

You should also check for any formal complaints against your potential tax attorney. The best way to do this is by visiting your state bar’s website and searching by name for discipline records. You can also do a quick Google search to see what other people are saying about their experiences working with a particular tax lawyer or agency.

Some tax attorneys specialize in certain areas of law, so it’s important to choose one who has experience in your particular situation. If you’re dealing with an IRS audit, for example, it’s a good idea to hire a tax attorney who has worked on similar cases in the past. This will ensure that your attorney has a strong understanding of the relevant laws and can quickly get to work resolving your case.

Another consideration is how much a tax attorney charges. Some offer package deals that include all tax services for a set fee, while others will bill by the hour. Some will even require a retainer, which can be expensive, so it’s important to find out how much you’re expected to pay up front.

Hiring a tax attorney is an investment, but it can also save you money in the long run. Many tax attorneys can help their clients save millions of dollars every year, which is why it’s worth the extra expense to consult with a top-rated firm. Ultimately, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tax lawyer is in good standing with the IRS and has your back should you ever need to fight for your rights against them.

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